My Week in Tri: 25 September

Results, 7 Bullets and Jewett vs Findlay

My Week in Triathlon

My triathlon thoughts and learnings over the last week. Started this at 04:30 and only finishing it at 19:10. What’s appropriate here: “Better late than never”, or, “Better never than late.”?

WTCS Pontevedra: Full Results here

|Women: 🏊️Small gaps on the swim with Kingma and Seregni driving at the front but most contenders in touch. 🚴 The favorites were all together early on the bike with around a 40s lead over the chase pack. Jorgensen was dropped from the chasers. 🏃 Potter, Lombardi and Waugh got a gap on Beaugrand in T2. Lombardi was shortly dropped making it only Potter and Waugh out in front. Potter found an extra gear to take the win by 18s. | Men: 🏊️ Hauser and Schomburg led the swim with Yee and Wilde losing 45s?! 🚴 A group of 24 men were in the front with Wilde in the chase pack and Yee even further back in another chase group. 🏃 Into T2 and Yee was 2min back and Wilde almost 1min behind. Insult to injury had Wilde needing to serve a penalty for dropping his swim cap. Coninx, Bergere, Le Corre and Hellwig were side-by-side in front entering the stadium. Sprint finish to decide the podium. Wilde finished 10th with the 5th fastest run and Yee in 30th with the 8th fastest run.

Potter and Coninx are your new World Champions for 2023 🥳 


🥇 Beth Potter (01:53:19)

🥈 Kate Waugh (01:53:37)

🥉 Cassandre Beaugrand (01:53:50)


🥇 Dorian Coninx (01:42:22)

🥈 Tim Hellwig (01:42:22)

🥉 Pierre Le Corre (01:42:22)

Challenge Sanremo: Full Results here

| Women: 🏊️ Stimpson lead out the water with 3 other ladies close behind. The eventual podium were all almost 2min behind. 🚴 Nieuwoudt, Dornaeur and Clavel mostly led the bike together but Nieuwoudt lost 30s on the final technical descent. 🏃 Clavel was the early leader on the run but Nieuwoudt eventually made the pass while having the fastest run of the day. | Men: 🏊️ Sperl led out the water with a small group of 5 spread out behind him. 🚴 Keulen was riding up front with Sperl before being led off the course by the motorbike (he later had a crash trying to avoid a car?!). Sperl had Viain, Guilloux, Wayaffe and Dreitz all chasing him but managed to get off the bike with more than a 2min lead. 🏃Sperl managed the 3rd fastest run of the day to extend his lead with only Aernouts and Thalmann catching him but 7min behind at the tape.


🥇 Magda Nieuwoudt (04:50:10)

🥈 Charlene Clavel (04:51:39)

🥉 Lisa Maria Dornaeur (04:52:40)


🥇 Maximilian Sperl (04:12:15)

🥈 Simon Viain (04:15:03)

🥉 Jonathan Wayaffe (04:17:35)

70.3 Augusta: Full Results here

| Women: 🏊️ Alexander and Adam came out the water in the lead with Findlay ominously just 10s behind. Hering and Jewett were almost a further minute behind. 🚴Findlay had her trademark bike and got off the bike with Adam, about 4:30 ahead of Hering and most notably uber-runner Jewett. 🏃 It was Findlay vs Jewett and by 10km Jewett was into 2nd and 2:26 behind. Findlay managed to hang on rather comfortably in the end. | Men: 🏊️ Masterclass from Noodt as he started the race swimming himself to a 45s lead over Laundry and 2:05 lead over Sanders. 🚴 Laundry caught him and the pair rode together until T2 where they had an almost 4min lead on Sanders and Foley. 🏃Noodt quite quickly established a lead on Laundry that kept growing throughout the run. He had the quickest run of the day but only 1s quicker than Sanders.


🥇 Paula Findlay (04:05:32)

🥈 Tamara Jewett (04:06:53)

🥉 Jackie Hering (04:14:24)


🥇 Mika Noodt (03:37:14)

🥈 Jackson Laundry (03:39:39)

🥉 Lionel Sanders (03:41:23)

70.3 Cozumel: Full Results here

The tracker has a few apparent bugs in the mens race but I have tried my best to piece the race together.

| Women: 🏊️Sakaluk lead the swim with Berry and Crowly a few strokes behind. Frades lost a disappointing 5:42. 🚴 Berry and Crowley rode the whole bike together whith Frades in 3rd losing almost another 5min. 🏃 Berry took the lead early on and never looked back. Crowley, for the first race in a long time, had a solid run which will feel like a victory for her. | Men: 🏊️ Riele and Rodrigues came out the water first along with Anzaldo and Pereda, almost 1min ahead of threats Taccone, Chase and Lopes. 🚴 Taccone and Lopes caught the front four by halfway into the bike. Riele and Taccone came into T2 with a 1min gap the the rest of the chasers. 🏃 By halfway into the run, uber-runner Rodriguez had already hit the front with a 30s lead to Taccone. Riele was sitting in 5th with 5km to go and ran himself onto the podium.


🥇 Hannah Berry (04:08:04)

🥈 Sarah Crowley (04:10:44)

🥉 Gurutze Frades Larralde (04:21:52)


🥇 Tomas Rodriguez (03:44:14)

🥈 Luciano Taccone (03:45:24)

🥉 Justin Riele (03:49:19)

Other Bullets:

  • Berlin Marathon: Kipchoge ran an opening 5km in 14:12 to win his 5th Berlin marathon in 2:02:42. More notably, in the womens race, Tigist Assefa shattered the world record by 2m11 - read the article about her new Adidas super shoes here.

  • HumangoAI: Last week I downloaded the Humango training app just to have a look - link to their website here. Is it pronounced huMANGO or humanGO?! My personal jury on the app is still out but I enjoyed the interview with the founder/CEO on the Greg Bennett Show. Their discussion around living in the present 58min in stuck with me. Apple Podcast here and Spotify here.

  • Beer Mile: An interesting “lo-fi” video of Joe Skipper’s infamous beer mile after Roth this year. Come for Joe Skipper, stay for Fenella Langridge competing with the men! Video here.

  • Weiss crashes out: Brad Weiss unfortunately didn’t get any revenge at Xterra World Champs after being penalized in Nice last weekend. He crashed his bike and landed badly on his back and had to pull out.

  • WTCS Highlights: Watch the always excellent, sometimes too short highlights from the WTCS Pontevedra finale. Ladies here and men here.

  • France Sport: After being in Nice two weeks ago I haven’t stopped thinking about how much world-class sporting events are in France. I’m sure you can add more to this list but events like the following have to inspire the youth: Tour de France, Rugby World Cup, Roland Garros, Ironman World Champs and Olympics 2024.

  • GTN Flop: While riding on Zwift I enthusiastically clicked on a video by GTN on “Essential Training Tips from an Amateur World Champion!” I 100% couldn’t do better but let me know if you also found this video a little underwhelming, too scripted and obviously an advert (which was disclosed). Video here.


One of the highlights of the weekend was watching Paula Findlay get a gap on Tamara Jewett on the bike in Augusta and then see if Jewett could chase her down. I thought it would be interesting to analyze their respective head-to-head Bike and Run performances to see if either Paula had a great run to win or Jewett maybe struggled a bit. Let me know what you think:

That’s it for today.

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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