My Week in Tri: 21 August

Results, 6 Bullets and Asian Open data

My Week in Triathlon

My triathlon thoughts and learnings over the last week. Hit reply if you have feedback…maybe to offer to help me test something that should take 1min?

PTO Asian Open: Full Results here

10min race highlights worth a watch - men’s, ladies. Charles-Barclay didn’t come out the water 1st! Perez-Sala was 2 seconds ahead of her with an almost 2min lead over the main contenders, including Gentle and Sodaro. Haug was about another 40s back. The gap came down quickly with Gentle, Haug, Sodaro and Simmonds all riding very well. Gentle took the lead halfway on the bike with Haug sticking about 40s behind her. Disaster struck for Haug with just over 10km left to ride when her spare tube came loose and wrapped around her cranks and she lost almost 3min. Gentle got off the bike with 30s to Simmonds in 2nd, 2:30 to Haug and 5:30 to Sodaro who couldn’t keep pace on the last half of the bike. Gentle was never under pressure with Haug and Sodaro only running a few seconds faster. | Lots of drama on the men’s with Bishop, Phillips and Royle all having mechanicals. Laidlow pulled out on the bike due to illness, Iden crashed out and even West had a crash and took skin off his elbow. The swim was relatively uneventful with everyone except Long getting out together. By halfway on the bike, Heemeryk had stamped his authority and gained a 40s lead over Noodt and Blummenfelt. This ballooned to over 2min by the end of the bike with Heemeryk absurdly admitting that he thought he still had another lap to ride when he got to T2?! The run started with a sense of how long will it take for Blummenfelt to catch him and can West have a sublime day and maybe leapfrog a fatigued Blummenfelt for the win. Heemeryk ran exceptionally well to only be caught at the 11km mark and in the end he comfortably held off a tiring West.


🥇 Ash Gentle (03:41:15)

🥈 Anne Haug (03:43:31)

🥉 Chelsea Sodaro (03:46:09)


🥇 Kristian Blummenfelt (03:20:47)

🥈 Pieter Heemeryck (03:22:46)

🥉 Jason West (03:24:02)

Ironman Sweden: Full Results here

An absolute domination by Norden for a home race win as she comfortably lead from start to finish. Cheetham briefly rode in 2nd before dropping back to 3rd and Zimmerman briefly ran her off the podium for a few kms before fading to 4th. This is Mathieux’s first “result” since being disqualified at Ironman South Africa earlier this year.


🥇 Lisa Norden (08:47:02)

🥈 Justine Mathieux (08:54:20)

🥉 Susie Cheetham (08:56:16)

Ireland 70.3: Full Results here

A tragic race with two age group deaths, perhaps vindicating all other times when race organizers have chosen to cancel the swim. The swim for the Ironman had already been shortened due to adverse swimming conditions. De Boer turned around an 80s deficit after the swim into a 2min lead off the bike. She only grew this lead on the run. | Quenet and Smith came out within 30s of each other in the swim but Smith gained over 5min on the field during the bike and, on top of this, had the fastest run.


🥇 Marlene de Boer (04:24:41)

🥈 Abigail Bedwell (04:28:19)

🥉 Rosie Weston (04:30:11)


🥇 Kyle Smith (03:42:12)

🥈 Nicholas Quenet (03:50:12)

🥉 Kristoffer Visti Graae (03:53:06)

Ironman Mont Tremblant: Full Results here

Zilinskas lead the race until Crowley passed her at 96km into the bike. Crowley held the lead until 120km where she started to lose time and by 150km she was 43s behind sitting in 3rd behind Kessler and Zilinskas. Kessler started the run with a 1:17 lead over Zilinskas and this grew to over 2min at the 10km mark. Zilinskas took the lead shortly after 21km of running and never looked back. Crowley had another tough day on the run and only managed 5th a good 22min behind.


🥇 Rachel Zilinskas (09:12:06)

🥈 Meredith Kessler (09:20:52)

🥉 Manon Genet (09:23:59)

Paris Test Event: Full Results here

Beaugrand was leading soon after T2 with Potter a few seconds behind in 15th. The two eventually dropped everyone with Potter having a decisive kick to drop a cramping Beaugrand to take the win. Knibb started the run in 23rd and ran herself up to 5th to book her spot to the Olympics with Spivey only managing 10th. | Yee ran 29:00 for the 10km with no one being able to keep up. That being said, the top 9, including Blummenfelt in 9th, all ran sub 30min! Wilde crashed his bike earlier in the day so was nursing a hip injury and pulled out early on the run along with Luis. Pearson only started the race at very late notice due to a DNS of a Canadian athlete, found himself leading the race early on the run ahead of Yee. He managed an outstanding 6th place to book his spot to the Olympics. Blummenflet left the race and flew to Singapore to win the PTO Asian Open 2 days later 🤯 


🥇 Beth Potter (01:51:40)

🥈 Cassandre Beaugrand (01:51:46)

🥉 Laura Lindemann (01:51:59)


🥇 Alex Yee (01:41:02)

🥈 Vasco Vilaca (01:41:15)

🥉 Dorian Coninx (01:41:15)

Other Bullets:

  • Who is Heemeryk: He seemingly came out of nowhere to come 2nd at the Asian Open and admitted to being virtually bankrupt and ready to quit the sport last year. He came top 10 at 70.3 Worlds in 2017 and top 5 in 2018 all while still working as a school teacher. He also led the Challenge Family World Bonus in 2019 after winning 3 Challenge races. He’s had some great results the last 2 yrs and is only 33yrs old so keep an eye out! Check out his profile here

  • Sodaro Excellence: Chelsea Sodaro credits her 3rd spot at the Asian Open to “Committing to excellence”. I loved this as I find it so easy to get into a habit of just being average at most things! Excellence doesn’t have to mean World Class, it can be relative.

  • PTO leniency: Refreshingly, the PTO seems to be very “pro the athletes” when enforcing rules. Possibly controversial but, it was great to see Frodeno hand his swim skin to the referee, Baekkegard being reminded to put all his kit in the basket in T2 and Haug not get disqualified for crossing the finish line in her sports bra (#zippergate).

  • PTO and World Triathlon: The PTO struck an agreement with World Triathlon to hold an official middle distance World Championship series next year. No details yet but it’s possibly going to be 6 races with athlete contracts ensuring the majority of the top ranked athletes race each race. The athlete with the most accumulated points at the end will be crowned World Champ (officially). Press release here.

  • Triathlon Australia: There’s potential for a revolt at Triathlon Australia after they had 3 DNF’s and 1 DNS at the Paris test event. The revolution is seemingly being led by triathlon Hall of Famer Emma Carney. Read her post on Twitter (X) here.

  • Presentation Curve Ball: Last Friday I was due to give a 2hr presentation to about 40 people. I was standing in front of everyone being introduced by the facilitator when my phone vibrated. I took it out my pocket and put it on the table. As I put it down, I saw a message from AirBnb saying my accommodation in Nice has been cancelled?! As if public speaking isn’t hard enough! Let me know if sharing stories like this is interesting or is getting you closer to that unsubscribe button 😟 


I thought I would carry on from the US Open by adding in the run paces of the men at the Asian Open. Everyone, except Blummenfelt, was predictably significantly slower in Singapore than Milwaukee.

I have also added two charts tracking the deficit to 1st place for the men’s and ladies podium. You can see where Haug had her mechanical and how Sodaro consistently lost time over the bike, only for both of them to start inching their way closer to Gentle on the run:

In the men’s you can see just how strong Heemeryk was on the bike…and just how strong West and Blummenfelt are on the run. Interesting that almost exactly as Blummenfelt took the lead is when West started to drop off.

That’s it for today.

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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