My Week in Tri: 18 September

Results, 7 Bullets and PTO Rankings

My Week in Triathlon

My triathlon thoughts and learnings over the last week. Anyone else feeling triathlon fatigue yet…better rest up as Kona is coming SOON 👀 

Ironman Italy: Full Results here

| Men: A group of 6 exited the water together including McNamee, Angert and Clavel. By 100km into the bike, Olij had ridden over 4min into everyone and moved from 12th to 1st. McNamee was sitting in 2nd almost 90s behind and riding with 8 other athletes, including Goetstouwers. Olij got off the bike 1st with a minute gap to Sowinski and Goetstouwers. McNamee was down in 7th over 6min back. By the half marathon mark, Goetstouwers had taken the lead with Olij still in 2nd 30s back, and McNamee sitting in 3rd 2:25 back. In the end McNamee was 45s short.


🥇 Stenn Goetstouwers (07:42:29)

🥈 David McNamee (07:43:15)

🥉 Henrik Goesch (07:45:08)

Ironman Maryland: Full Results here

A group of 6 ladies came out the water less than a minute apart and included the full eventual podium. The swim was shortened to 900m due to rough conditions. Alberts lost a lot of time in T1 but was riding in front with Kessler, McQuaid and Lane by 60km into the bike. Kessler lost 4min between 152km and 180km, after crashing to avoid a car?! Alberts dominated the run to win comfortably in the end. | Men: Weiss and Long finished the shortened swim 45s and 1:07 back. Pohl was 1:23 back. By 65km into the bike, Weiss and Long were riding together in the front and putting time into everyone. Pohl finished the bike in 3rd but over 4min behind. Beals was in 5th off the bike and over 8min behind. Weiss and Long ran side by side until Long stretched ahead at the 14km mark. His lead got close to 30s by the half-marathon but this quickly started to reverse. By 25km, Weiss now had a 21s lead. Long held onto 2nd up to the 37km mark.


🥇 Alice Alberts (07:56:40)

🥈 Melanie McQuaid (08:07:54)

🥉 Chloe Lane (08:12:04)


🥇 Michael Weiss (06:59:47)

🥈 Jason Pohl (07:03:37)

🥉 Sam Long (07:05:07)

Triathlon De Royan: Full Results here

Drama headlining this race unfortunately as race favourite Pierre was DQ’d as she crossed the line in 1st. She fainted with 2km to go and the lead bike helped her to stand and another pro helped her walk for a few meters. She pulled herself together and started slowly running again with a 7min lead. 50 meters from the finish line she was told she was disqualified for outside assistance. | Men: Mignon established a lead on the bike with Horseau just over 2min behind. Mignon then had the fastest run of the day. Can you imagine him waiting at the finish line for his girlfriend Pierre to also win.


🥇 Alexia Bailly (04:37:40)

🥈 Marion Legrand (04:40:50)

🥉 Jeanne Collonge (04:43:49)


🥇 Clement Mignon (04:01:08)

🥈 Arthur Horseau (04:07:14)

🥉 Casimir Moine (04:09:03)

70.3 Michigan: Full Results here

Brandon had over a minutes lead over a spread out group of ladies behind her. Hering was almost 3min behind with Jewett a further 10s back. Brandon rode very well to get off the bike in 1st with Jewett in 2nd 2:51 back. Jewett took the lead after 5km of running. Brandon eventually finished in 5th. | Men: Harper lead the swim just ahead of other strong swimmers Appleton and Sharpe. Laundry was 90s back in 7th, Sanders 2:20 back in 14th and Foley 4:25 back in 20th. By 32km of cycling, Laundry was in the lead with Sanders 40s behind in 6th. Laundry got off the bike with a 2min lead on Appleton in 2nd with Sanders a few seconds behind Appleton. Foley was in 4th over 3min down. Foley took 3rd after 17km of running while Laundry held onto an 11s lead over Sanders who had been eeking closer and closer with each stride the whole run.


🥇 Tamara Jewett (04:05:05)

🥈 Jackie Hering (04:08:36)

🥉 Robin Pomeroy (04:13:15)


🥇 Jackson Laundry (03:36:48)

🥈 Lionel Sanders (03:36:59)

🥉 Trevor Foley (03:40:13)

70.3 Knokke-Heist: Full Results here

Buckingham lead the swim by over a minute and smashed the bike to start the run with well over 5minutes to 2nd place Morier with Rayner and Derron close behind. Rayner was taking large chunks of time out of Buckingham’s lead but couldn’t get the last 8 seconds. | Men: Manner lead the swim with Gonzalez just over a minute back and Heemeryk at 1:22 back. Smith, Heemeryk and Hirsch started the run together with Palmer in 6th 2:34 behind. Heemeryk had the 2nd fastest run while Smith battled and eventually dropped out after losing lots of time.


🥇 Lucy Buckingham (04:13:57)

🥈 Lizzie Rayner (04:14:06)

🥉 Emilie Morier (04:15:31)


🥇 Pieter Heemeryck (03:39:45)

🥈 Wilhelm Hirsch (03:40:54)

🥉 Harry Palmer (03:43:08)

Challenge Samarkand: Full Results here

Salthouse had the fastest swim, bike and run of the day to lead from start to finish. Pallant-Browne struggled and alluded to too much travel and wanting to go for blood tests. She has just spent 2 weeks on holiday in Mozambique which can’t be the best race prep! | Men: Royle had a small lead after the swim but Funk took the lead before halfway on the bike and extended this to over 2min to start the run.


🥇 Ellie Salthouse (04:02:54)

🥈 Emma Pallant-Browne (04:12:50)

🥉 Margie Santimaria (04:18:16)


🥇 Fred Funk (03:38:34)

🥈 Aaron Royle (03:41:35)

🥉 Filipe Azevedo (03:43:45)

Other Bullets:

  • Sanele Shange: I had the great privilege of sharing a 6hr flight and 10hr layover with Sanele who is an up and coming triathlete from South Africa inspiring so many people. Watch his interview with Travis from The Daily Tri here. I offered to build him a website which I did over the weekend and you can see that at

  • Gomez 2/2: Javier Gomez won his second race in two weeks on his comeback trail. Read the article by Tri247 here.

  • New Wahoo: Wahoo have released two new trainers. The first is like a Frankenstein mix between an existing Kickr and a rocker plate allowing it to “rock” to and fro. The second is a cheaper version of their all-in-one bike. The GTN video here includes the details as well as details about the next two points below.

  • Lange illegal shoes: GTN reported that, somehow, Lange ran in “illegal” shoes in Nice. They have a double carbon plate and are 10mm too high. The shoe rules were “scrapped” for Nice but have been enforced in all other races.

  • Chevalier t-shirts: Leon Chevalier was seen wearing a “Dont to drugs” shirt at the pre-race conference, and, a GTN shirt at the post race briefing. Is this not prime sponsor space that he could be using?

  • Weiss Xterra revenge: Brad Weiss who bitterly took a 5min penalty at Nice is racing the Xterra World Champs. He’s a two time Xterra world champ so look forward to some revenge racing.

  • Jan Trip Wire: Jan Frodeno rode with a specially placed tape on the sides of his legs. It was mentioned that this would act as a trip-wire for the wind and be something he could swim with and not have to worry about putting on calf-sleeves in T1. You can see this in his post here.


With so many ranking changes for the men post Nice, I spent a little bit of time digging around. The rankings take the average of an athletes top 3 races within a rolling 12 month period. Currently Kona and the 70.3 World Champs 2022 are being counted but will “expire” soon. This will have quite dramatic results on the end of year rankings and potentially contracts for the “PTO Tour” next year. There is still time for a few late season results but there are only mostly Silver tier races left so it will be difficult to get great scores:

Here is your likely end of year top 15 men pending any late races.

That’s it for today.

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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