My Week in Tri: 14 August

No Results, 7 Bullets and PTO Open run paces

My Week in Triathlon

My triathlon thoughts and learnings over the last week. Hit reply if you have feedback…even if to suggest how to grow a Triathlon newsletter without spending hours on Instagram 🤔 

No Results

Including this to remind you that there were no major events on this past weekend. We have the Olympic test event this week with the ladies starting on Thursday and the men on Friday. Then we watch Gustav Iden with a “revenge win” at the PTO Asian Open on Sunday. A great result may coax him into toeing the line at Nice 🙏 

Other Bullets:

  • Xterra World Champ: Last week I mentioned that Brad Weiss has been training with Jan Frodeno…did you know that Brad was also the Xterra World Champ in 2017 and 2019.

  • Fancy pants gets no thanks: British Pro Laura Addie was due to race 70.3 Tallinn but crashed an electric scooter the day before. With 12 stiches she had to miss the race. I feel guilty for sharing this and I’m a fan of hers after Ironman South Africa, but, at least she’s sharing it herself. See the second photo on her post here 🤕 

  • Triathlon Insights: To get you amped for the upcoming Asian Open, have a read through the Triathlon Insights ladies rankings here. The men’s write up will likely follow in the next day or two.

  • Coaching PPP: In Economics, Purchasing Power Parity aims to compare economic strength between countries by comparing the cost of a basket of goods in each country. I was looking at online coaching packages and, being from South Africa, the “famous” international ones are very expensive. Has anyone living in the “first world” ever looked into being coached online by a coach in a developing country?

  • Findlay 25th: As widely reported, Paula Findlay competed for Canada at last weeks World TT Champs. Paula and Eric said it was one of the best experiences of their lives. Paula came 25th overall and suggested she lost time in the corners. Crazily, she was 3min40s behind over the 36km.

  • Supersapiens: Joe Skipper on Triathlon Mockery has mocked the use of the Supersapiens glucose monitor by triathletes. A few months ago, it felt like almost every European pro was wearing one. In a recent episode, Joe mentioned that no one is wearing them anymore now that the sponsorship period is over. Link to Supersapiens if you haven’t seen it before here.

  • Ditlev Girlfriend: I risk sounding like a gossip magazine, but I thought I’d share that Magnus Ditlev is dating fellow pro triathlete Sif Bendix Madsen. You should recognize her name as she’s currently ranked 56th and her brother, Thor, is ranked 27th. They’re all Danish which is the same as Jonas VingegaardDanish Hype Train? 🚂 


I had worked on something over the weekend but realized this morning that there was a crucial piece missing that I’m struggling to get hold of. Hopefully I will have it for next week.

So you have this instead! Tim Heming suggested that the run paces at the recent PTO US Open weren’t overly quick except for Jason West. I ran some numbers to compare over the last 4 PTO Opens:

That’s it for today.

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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