Races: 9-10 September

Nice, Almere, Karlovy Vary. Frodeno vs Lange

Weekend Races

It's time for Kona Nice baby! I have scheduled this to send while I'll be in the air on my way to watch…an extremely privileged and self-indulgent trip. My flight is packed with fellow South Africans going to watch the Rugby World Cup…each one of their jaws dropping when they hear I'm off to watch a Triathlon and not the rugby 🤯

Challenge Almere - 9 September

Half distance with a Silver tier. Women’s SOF: 64.43, Men’s SOF: 78.92. Full start list here.

  • Notable Women: Els Visser, Marlene de Boer

  • Notable Men: Jesper Svensson, Kieran Lindars, Matt Trautman, Menno Koolhaas, Tom Bishop

70.3 Sunshine Coast - 10 September

Half distance with a Silver tier. Women’s SOF: 79.9, Men’s SOF: 71.52. Full start list here.

  • Notable Women: Amelia Watkinson, Lotte Wilms, Rebecca Clarke, Radka Kahlefeldt, Kylie Simpson, Penny Slater

  • Notable Men: Steve McKenna, Mitch Kibby, Nick Free, Tim van Berkel

Ironman Nice - 10 September

Full distance with a Platinum tier, Men only and also happens to be the World Champs 😁 . Men’s SOF: 91.52. Full start list here.

  • Notable Men: Braden Currie, Rudy von Berg, Bart Aernouts, Cam Wurf, Clement Mignon, Leon Chevalier, Brad Weiss, Denis Chevrot, Joe Skipper, Patrick Lange, Sam Laidlow, Pieter Heemeryck, Jan Frodeno, Magnus Ditlev

World Cup Karlovy Vary - 10 September

Olympic distance and one below the top tier WTCS series. Full start list here.

  • Notable Women: Gwen Jorgensen, Rachel Klamer, Julie Derron, Cathia Schar, Marlene Gomez-Goggel

  • Notable Men: Jonas Schomburg, Lasse Nygaard Priester, Morgan Pearson, Sam Dickinson, Kyle Smith, Casper Stornes

Match up of the weekend

It’s all about Nice. My heart is hoping for Jan but my head is telling me Magnus is going to be hard to beat. The two Frenchmen Mignon and Chevalier have to be big factors and Skipper wants this one badly. Can Frodeno’s champion mindset rub off on Brad Weiss to make him a dark horse? The bike course will definitely suit Lange more than Kona…and that’s who I’m going to highlight vs Jan. Would you believe Lange has only had the fastest run time 2/10 times?!

That's it for today, now finish your oats and get back to training!

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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