Races: 7-8 October

Langkawi, Barcelona and Rome. West vs World Triathlon

Weekend Races

Smallish races but some big names. Alistair Brownlee makes his comeback and Jason West on the start line for the sprint distance in Rome.

70.3 Langkawi - 7 October

Half distance with a Gold tier. Women’s SOF: 79.36, Men’s SOF: 79.83. Full start list here.

  • Notable Women: Ashleigh Gentle, Amelia Watkinson, Kylie Simpson

  • Notable Men: Josh Amberger, James Teagle, Mike Phillips, Braden Currie, Jelle Geens

Challenge Barcelona - 8 October

Half distance with a Silver tier. Women’s SOF: 80.14, Men’s SOF: 83.46. Full start list here. 

  • Notable Women: Imogen Simmonds, Sara Perez Sala, Lucy Buckingham

  • Notable Men: Alistair Brownlee, Fred Funk, Aaron Royle, Youri Keulen, Cam Wurf

World Cup Rome - 7 October

Sprint Distance World Cup Race. Full start list here.

  • Notable Women: Rachel Klamer, Nina Eim, Marlene Gomez-Goggel, Maya Kingma, Vicky Holland, Amber Schlebusch

  • Notable Men: Jason West (!!!), Vasco Vilaca, Jonas Schomburg, Richard Murray, Marten van Riel, Vetle Thorn

Match up of the weekend

How will Jason West fare against the short course athletes? I did a quick dive into his past 6 World Triathlon results just to see how he stacked up in the run there:

That's it for today, now finish your oats and get back to training!

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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