Break in transmission

End of season break

End of season break

Kona last weekend was the last major race of 2023. After 10 months and 75 newsletters I’m going to press the pause button and take a little break.

There are still some exciting races this year and, no doubt, plenty of triathlon news still to come. To not leave you in the dark, I would encourage you to keep your eyes on:

  • Tri247: This is by far the best triathlon website to keep on top of things. Link here.

  • The Daily Tri: Travis has an excellent weekly news wrap up on Youtube as well as other interesting videos. His podcast on Spotify is also fantastic. He quit his job a few weeks ago to start focusing on this full time so i’m expecting big things. Youtube here and Podcast here.

Of course I will still be following triathlon VERY closely so send me an email or Instagram message if you ever want! I really do appreciate the support, encouragement and engagement over the year! Thank you!

Next year is going to be CRAZY with both the PTO and Ironman “Pro Tours” in full swing. Oh…and the Olympics! I . CANNOT . WAIT 😁 

That's it for now, now finish your oats and get back to training!

Yours in low CdA,

Aero MaccaFrodownlee

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